Day Three in Testimony Phase of Evans Murder Trial

A gun expert told jurors that Evans fired the fatal shots from just inches away.

Forensics experts took the stand and pointed out multiple bullet holes in the uniform SGT Dale Green was wearing the night he was shot and killed responding to a robbery.

"There's a hole that appears to be a bullet hole. There's also a hole in the center left back and one down just below where the pants would have tucked into the waist,” explains Rosemary Brown, TPD Forensic Specialist.

The medical examiner testified that SGT Green was shot five times and grazed by a sixth bullet, but it was a bullet to the back of his head, he testified, that killed the veteran officer.

"That's a wound that I would call instantaneous or near instantaneous type death. It went right through the brain stem where everything from the brain goes out and talks to the rest of your body,” says Dr. David Stewart, Medical Examiner.

Perhaps the most damaging testimony came late in the afternoon; a ballistics expert testified that Coy Evans fired on SGT Green at point blank range with some shots fired just three to six inches away, and at least one shot fired after the officer was already on the ground.

The state is expected wrap up its case Thursday, and the defense will then begin presenting what it hopes is "lifesaving" testimony of its own.