City and County Governments Consider Multi-Million Dollar Land Deal

All he needs now is the support of his fellow city commissioners to make an almost $10 million land purchase.

Welaunee Plantation, its 450 acres of undeveloped land, and Tallahassee City Commissioner Allan Katz wants it for the city, because he says owning the land could open plenty of doors, and not just for the city.

"It gives us an alternate route for the eastern transmission line, not one we've decided on, but a real option,” Katz explains.

Katz is talking about the city's desire to build an electrical transmission line down Mahan Drive to support the eastern part of Leon County, but the people who live there, say they don't want the line in their neighborhoods.

"It gives the city and county the opportunity to work together on something related to utilities with a positive result for the community,” says Katz.

"I applaud Commissioner Katz and the city commission for willing to go the extra mile with us,” says Leon County Commissioner Cliff Thaell.

Aside from potentially being an alternate route for transmission lines, the land could prove useful to the future of the city.

"It will help development happen. We're going to secure a great piece of property that could do a variety of things that perhaps wouldn't be available otherwise,” Katz adds.

Commissioner Katz will speak with his fellow commissioners at the next meeting to find out, if they too believe the purchase of Welaunee is a win-win situation.

The plantation is located between Miccosukee, Centerville Road, Fleishman Road and I-10. The estimated cost is almost $10 million.