School Shelters

Many of those on the run from Frances will wind up seeking shelter in the Big Bend. Local officials are busy making sure shelters, including area schools, are secure.

Extreme in strength and overwhelming in size, Hurricane Frances is on the fast track to Florida, fueling fears and pushing preparations into high gear.

Twelve shelters on standby are Leon County schools.

Foster Rossr with Leon County schools says, "Every school could be used as a shelter. We have three that are designated as risk shelters."

Chiles High School, Brevard and Springwood Elementary Schools are all risk shelters, which mean they're built to sustain 120 mile per hour winds. Overall, there are 10 risk shelters in the Big Bend area and a heap of host shelters.

Chris Floyd with the Capital Area Chapter of the Red Cross says, "In ‘99, largest evacuation in Florida, we wound up with 13,000 people and able to put in host shelters."

With more than a million facing Frances, finding shelter from the storm could lead them to the Big Bend once again. The Capital Area Red Cross is always looking for volunteers to help set up shelters and post storm efforts. If you would like to volunteer you can call 1-850-878-6080.

A Red Cross shelter will be opening at 7 p.m. at the Mormon Church on Thomasville Road in Tallahassee. Officials note that there are no local evacuation orders. This shelter is for those evacuating from the east coast of Florida.