Videotaped Confession Played for Jurors in Tallahassee Murder Trial

In a tape recorded the night of Evans' arrest he readily confesses to shooting SGT Dale Green, but says the trigger was pulled in panic.

Coy Evans wiped tears from his eyes as jurors watched a videotape of the statement he gave police the night he was arrested for killing SGT Dale Green.

Evans told officers that he and a friend had planned to rob the duplex on Melody Circle and when his friend didn't show up he decided to do it himself.

As he headed to his car afterward he told officers he came face to face with SGT Green. During the confession, Evans apologized repeatedly for shooting the officer and at one point said, "I hope he makes it."

Obviously, he did not. SGT Green was shot five times and grazed by a sixth bullet that night, but in his taped confession he denied ever shooting the officer after he was down.

The state wrapped up its case at noon Thursday. There’s no word yet on whether Coy Evans will take the stand and testify in his own defense. His attorneys started presenting witnesses Thursday afternoon.

No matter where the trial stands Friday, jurors will be sent home and asked to come back Tuesday. There is no way to sequester them for deliberations because hotels are all booked up by storm evacuees.