Rose City Republicans Gather to Watch President Speak

The atmosphere is festive at this Republican get-together.

"I'm delighted to be here with so many of my fellow Republicans, celebrating the new next President George W. Bush, accepting to be president for the next four years,” says Eugene Maddox, a candidate for Congress.

Republicans from all over the Peach State mixed and mingled and talked a little politics.

"It's a great time to be a Republican, especially in southwest Georgia. The party has grown dramatically over the last four years," shares Dave Eversman, a candidate for Congress.

"The Republican Party is really coming on strong in south Georgia and a lot of people are traditionally Democrat, and are turning Republican," comments Greg Patterson, Thomas County Commission Candidate.

Many party-goers say opportunities like these are good for getting to know other local politicians, but nobody was missing the bigger picture.

"We need good strong leadership, leadership that can be forceful when it's time to be forceful and compassionate when they need to be compassionate, and that's what I think George W. Bush is,” Sen. John Bulloch, (R) Ochlocknee, GA adds.

These Republicans say no matter what the outcome of the presidential race, they will stand firmly behind their party.

More than 50 area Republicans turned out for Thursday night's get-together at the new Holiday Inn Express in Thomasville.