Homeowners Should Consider Insurance Ahead of Hurricane

In these days before Frances, area insurance agents have been flooded with phone calls. Calls from homeowners wanting to make sure they're covered, should disaster strike. It may be too late for those who don't have homeowner's insurance.

Many area homeowners have not checked to see if their homeowner's insurance covers hurricane damage.

"I have not. I'm assuming it does, but I don't know for sure,” says homeowner Becky Overton.

Rod Vaughn has been an insurance agent in Tallahassee for close to 30 years.

He says for those who don't have homeowners insurance, they may be out of time.

"Most of the insurance industry, all of the insurance companies, stop selling new policies as soon as that hurricane warning is posted. So, if the warning has been posted, it's too late,” explains Vaughn.

Insurance is something you have to buy before you need it, says Vaughn.

Especially if you live in a wooded area like Tallahassee where trees become a liability in a hurricane.

Vaughn says when Hurricane Andrew hit in the early 90's, it was a big wake up call for homeowners and insurance agents.

"After Hurricane Andrew in 1992, 13 insurance companies went under, because of not having adequate reserves to pay all of their claims, and they didn't survive,” explains Vaught.

Vaughn says now, most insurance policies come with a two-percent hurricane deductible.

In any case, it's best to be prepared for the worst.

"When Hurricane Charley hit about three weeks ago, it demonstrated to us, you can't be too far inland if you're in Florida, anywhere,” Vaughn adds.

Vaughn says should disaster strike, homeowners should get in touch with their insurance agents as soon as possible.