UPDATED: FSU Football Player Arrested

UPDATED 4.11.2011 by Julie Montanaro

Former FSU linebacker Nigel Carr is now on probation for a batch of burglaries.

Carr was arrested last July, accused of breaking into four cars and stealing credit cards and more.

Carr, who was a starting linebacker with FSU, was kicked off the team for it.

Court records show Carr entered a no contest plea on March 30th and was sentenced to three years probation.

The judge withheld adjudication, meaning Carr can avoid the label "convicted felon."
UPDATED 7.28.2010 by Julie Montanaro

An attorney for suspended FSU football player Nigel Carr entered a not guilty plea today to burglary and fraud charges.

Defense attorney Anabelle Dias is representing Carr. She declined to comment on his arrest.

UPDATED 7.26.2010 6:30pm by Julie Montanaro

An FSU football player expected to be in the starting lineup this fall is arrested and accused of multiple felonies.

Nigel Carr is accused of a breaking into two cars and stealing a credit card and it turns out he was arrested on misdeameanor marijuana charges last week too.

Folks who live at Seminole Legends say police officers were at the complex all day Sunday outside the condo of Seminole linebacker Nigel Carr.

"I took the trash out at five, I think, and there were two police cars and then more police cars just kept coming throughout the night," said resident Kaylen Dumars.

Property manager Corry Wilhoit says Carr moved in a few weeks ago and describes him as "very friendly." He says officers were at the complex from about noon until well into the night.

Carr is accused of breaking into an SUV at Stadium Place (224 Hayden Road) about a block away. A woman there heard banging and a car alarm at about 11:10am and looked outside to see a man getting into a white car and leaving the scene.

The victim then started searching for her belongings in dumpsters along her street. She soon found her book bag and purse in the dumpster at Carr's complex.

Surveillance video captured a man in a white car tossing items into the dumpster at 11:38 that same morning, police say.

Police say the victim also spotted her credit card and sweater in Carr's Buick.

"Mr. Carr has invoked his right not to speak to us so we're still continuing the investigation. We do have other burglaries in the area. We're looking into those cases to see if there's a possible link," Tallahassee Police Spokesman David McCranie said.

That same burglary victim pulled a silver checkbook from the dumpster too. It was tracked to a car break in at Venetian Villas (235 S. Ocala Road) on Friday.

Carr is accused of both car burglaries, credit card theft and fraud. He has already posted bond, which was set at $15,750.

Carr is also facing misdemeanor marijuana possession charges after a traffic stop Thursday night. TPD says Carr was stopped on Tennessee Street just before midnight for a window tint violation.

The officer smelled marijuana, saw some leaves in Carr's lap and found a lit marijuana cigarette in the ashtray, according to arrest papers.

The officer says Carr was very cooperative and had no prior history, so he was given a notice to appear in court.

It's not the pre-season news fellow Seminoles wanted to hear.

"It's just pretty embarrassing, you know. We have the whole history as the 'Criminoles', so it's kind of embarrassing to know that it happened again and it definitely doesn't look good on FSU football," one of Carr's neighbors said.

We tried to reach Carr for comment, but his voice mail is not accepting messages and we are still trying to find out who is representing him.

Late this afternoon, FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher said he was disappointed in the arrest.

We have posted Fisher's comments below as well as the arrest affidavits released by Tallahassee Police today.

Updated 3pm 7-26

From today's ACC Media Kickoff:

Quote from Jimbo Fisher on Nigel Carr:

"There's nothing to say. We have a school policy that if it's a felony he will be suspended until the legal process runs. We'll go from there. Until I know anything I can't make any comments."
Updated 12:19pm 7-26

The following is a probable cause document provided by the Tallahassee Police Department:

On 7/26/2010, at approximately 11:09am, a witness at 224 Hayden Rd heard a vehicle alarm and banging noises so she looked outside into the parking lot to investigate. She observed a black male in the rear of a white Toyota SUV. The male exited the SUV and entered a white full size vehicle with an unknown FSU tag the vehicle then left the scene. Officers responded to the complex and were able to determine that the Toyota SUV belonged to the victim. The victim reported that her car was burglarized and that a book bag that contained her purse and other items were stolen from the vehicle, as well as a blue sweater.

The victim's vehicle was entered by breaking out the right rear passenger side window. In addition, the victim's vehicle was dented and scratched on the right rear side. The victim stated that the dents and scratches were not there before the burglary.

Approximately an hour later the victim was checking the dumpsters in the Hayden Rd. area looking for her stolen property. While in the area of 253 Hayden Rd. she observed a white car similar to what was described to her by the above witness entering 253 Hayden Rd. The victim saw that the tag of the car was a Florida FSU tag of WN687. After the driver was out of sight the victim went into the complex of 253 Hayden Rd. The victim checked the dumpster near the suspect vehicle and found her bag, books and purse. In addition to her property she found a silver checkbook that belonged to a the victim of another burglary (victim 2). See case 10-22726.

Officers were able to determine that Victim 2's checkbook was taken from a vehicle burglary reported to Tallahassee Police Department on 7/24/10. Victim 2's vehicle was burglarized at 235 S Ocala Rd.

In the mid-afternoon, on 7/25/10, Officer B. Brannon responded to 253 Hayden Rd. to make contact with the victim. Officer Perry looked in the vehicle that the victim saw enter the complex and saw a piece of paper on the floorboard of the vehicle with the name of the victim's father. The paper also had a Visa credit card number on it. There was also a Visa card on the floorboard with the victim's photo and name on it.

The vehicle, a white 4-door 2000 Buick Park Avenue bearing FL Tag WN687 is registered to a Carole Burnette Brown of Jacksonville Fl. Police databases show that on 7/22/10, the suspect vehicle was stopped at Blountstown St. and Tennessee St. The driver at that time was identified as Nigel Carr, DOB 01/22/1990. He was arrested for possession of Cannabis. The address he gave was 253 Hayden Rd #214. A check of Accurint also showed that Brown and Carr have shared common residences in the past and that Brown has also used the name Carol Carr Brown in the past.

At officer's request the victim responded back to 253 Hayden Rd. She looked into the suspect vehicle and confirmed that the Visa card and the paper with the victim's father name/card number, located on the front passenger floorboard in plain view, was part of her stolen property. The victim even claimed that she wrote the name and card number on it the paper so the writing is her handwriting. She also identified a blue sweater, that was in the front seat, as possibly being her stolen sweater.

The resident property manager, advised officers that there was video surveillance of the complex. The property manager showed officers video, from 7/25/10 at approximately 11:38am, of a white vehicle, matching the suspect's vehicle description, pull up to the dumpster in the northeast corner of the complex. A black male, fitting a general description of Carr, is seen exiting the vehicle and throwing something into the dumpster. The male is seen getting back into the vehicle and driving back towards the direction of where the suspect vehicle was later found parked by officers.

Officers made phone contact with victim 2 and were able to confirm that in addition to the silver checkbook that was missing, she was also missing an orange and red purse. These items still haven't been located along with the victim's Florida Driver's License. These items are believed to be in 253 Hayden Rd. #214.
Updated 11:20am 7-26

TPD Press Release:

On Sunday, July 25, 2010 at approximately 11:00AM, the Tallahassee Police Department responded to 224 Hayden Road (Stadium Place Apartments) in reference to a reported auto burglary. Upon arrival, a witness explained she went outside after hearing a car alarm and banging noises. Initially the witness did not observe anything unusual. The witness heard a second car alarm, this time observing a suspect entering a 2007 white Toyota SUV. The witness observed the suspect leave in a white vehicle bearing a Florida State University tag.

Approximately an hour later, the owner of the Toyota SUV contacted the Tallahassee Police explaining she had located several of her stolen items in a trashcan at 253 Hayden Road (Seminole Legends Apartments). Additionally, the victim explained she observed a white vehicle similar to that described by the witness.

Officers responded to 253 Hayden Road and observed a credit card and piece of paper belonging to the victim lying on the floorboard of the white vehicle. Officers continued the investigation, leading to the arrest of 20 year-old Nigel Carr.


Nigel K. Carr, B/M, 1/22/90 Charges: Auto Burglary (2 counts), Criminal Mischief, Credit Card Theft, and Fraud.
UPDATE 7.26.2010 by Julie Montanaro

Court records show that Nigel Carr was booked into the jail at 12:47 am this morning on five felony counts.

Court records show he has already posted bond and been released. Judge Mark Walker set bond at $15,750.

We are trying to get ahold of arrest papers to find out more.

Carr is a linebacker who was scheduled to start for the FSU Seminoles this fall.
The following information was provided by the LCSO Jail Inmate website:

FSU football player Nigel Carr was arrested some time between Sunday night and Monday morning.

The 20-year-old has been charged with:

-two counts of burglary of a conveyance while unarmed without people inside

-property damage and criminal mischief $200 and under

-theft of a credit card

-fraud/possession of an ID of another person without consent.

We will have more details as soon as they become available.

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