FSU on Hurricane Frances

As all eyes are watching for the official forecast of Hurricane Frances, you can thank Florida State University for their input.

While models and predictions are offered from agencies all over the world it is the work of FSU researchers that the National Hurricane Center typically waves in.

For the past week, FSU meteorology professor T.N. Krishnamurti has been staying on his toes because FSU's computer model forecasting is looked to as one of the best, if not the best.

FSU's model is a consensus forecast made up of past hurricane forecast models from around the world.

Aarolyn Thompson, an FSU senior research assistant, says, “Take errors of previous hurricane tracks, fix them and it makes a really accurate forecast.”

It’s so accurate Krishnamurti says the National Hurricane Center keeps a close eye on FSU's model.

T.N. Krishnamurti says, “The National Hurricane Center lists an advisory each night and just slapped it up as the official forecast.”

However, Krishnamurti added that with Thursday night's unexpected changes it still goes to show how truly unpredictable these storms can be.