Seeking Shelter

Maria Lopez and several of her family members left their home in Lake Worth in search of a safe haven from Hurricane Frances' fury.

"I asked the paramedics, they told me they said they know nothing about shelters. We were so sad because we're 14 and then besides my family we were together from Belle Glade to Lake Worth and those paramedics didn't tell me nothing."

Lopez says after traveling all night on the interstate, she finally saw signs telling her a shelter had been open at the Church of Latter Day Saints.

Water, food and several cots are readily available to weary families who've left their home and their belongings behind. The church will serve as a temporary shelter until late Friday afternoon.

Jim Messer, and American Red Cross volunteer, says, "They're opening Chiles High School and whoever is here can go up the road if they still need to be in the shelter. The Chiles shelter is built to withstand a little strong winds and that's why it’s being opened."

In the meantime, a steady stream of cars continues to head to the church seeking refuge. Folks here say it's important to heed warning and get out of harm's way.

Veronica Espinoza, seeking shelter from hurricane, says, "Whoever is out there, don't be brave, don't try to ride out the storm. Get out."