Willing and Able

As Frances lumbers toward the state, hundreds of people at the state Emergency Operations Center are giving their full attention to what happens after the storm.

Jeb Bush says the state is as ready as it can be.

"The state is taking all of the actions necessary to prepare," says Gov. Bush.

More than 400 trucks of ice and water are staged and ready to move. Jeb Bush has also written to the governors of 17 nearby states asking them to ease road restrictions in case more equipment needs to be sent to Florida. The state is prepared to begin serving one million meals a day to disaster victims.

The federal government is increasing its presence from Hurricane Charley.

Bill Carwile says, "We have some very high pressure pumps over here because the nature of the storm now looks like more of a flooding event perhaps than a wind event, which we first feared."

As many as 8,000 National Guard troops are available, but not all of them are expected to be called up.

GEN Doug Burnett says, "Right now we are moving 3,000 National Guardsmen from Florida into the armories so that we can respond quickly after that storm goes over. I would anticipate that we will get up to as high as 5,000, maybe a little more to respond here."

Many of the utility trucks that came for Charley are still here. The same is true for many of the other supplies. Ironically, much of it is staged in southwest Florida near the areas hit by Charley.