Defense Rests in Evans Murder Trial

Evans is facing murder charges and possibly the death penalty for shooting Tallahassee Police SGT Dale Green. The defense rested its case Friday morning.

Jurors were sent home and told to come back next week to begin deliberations. Coy Evans arrived in court Friday morning and told the judge he did not want to testify in his own defense.

The only time jurors heard Coy Evans' version of what happened that fatal night was in a taped interview recorded soon after his arrest. Another tape designed to show Evans' conscious decision to pull the trigger six times is being touted by the defense as proof that two seconds or less is not premeditated murder.

Inez Suber, Coy Evans' attorney, said, "All of the testimony indicates that the shots were in a rapid succession. There was not one witness in this case that indicates there was a pause."

Willie Meggs, State Attorney, said, "He has an opportunity to decide what he's going to do and his decision was to start shooting."

Judge Bateman ruled that "premeditation" will be up to the jury to decide after Hurricane Frances passes by. Closing arguments are scheduled for Tuesday morning. Deliberations will begin after that.