Seeking Shelter

The home of Moultrie, Georgia’s Annual Sunbelt Ag Expo has been transformed this weekend into a huge campsite for evacuees.

During the past few days, Spence Field in Moultrie, Georgia has been transformed into a haven for RV campers. The city has opened this area up for free, allowing the evacuees to hook up their RVs to power and water.

Evacuee Bonnie Deangelo said, "By the time we got to Georgia, trying to get out of there to keep ahead of the storm, everything was booked up and the tourist center was the one who sent us over here to Moultrie. I guess if you have to end up some place, this is the best place to be. The people have been so nice to us."

Evacuees are not the only ones benefiting from this offer. Home Depot truck drivers are meeting up here, waiting to take their full load into the hardest hit parts of Florida, so the rebuilding process can begin. Pilots have also flown into Moultrie, finding plenty of space to tie their planes down until the storm passes.

"Pretty much, everybody is the same. We're all trying to keep ahead of the storm and of course everybody is anxious to try and get back home too," said Richard Westfort, an evacuee.

"I said I'm gonna get the mayor's name so I can send him a check to let him know how much I appreciate this," added Joe Stearne, another evacuee.

For now these evacuees are simply keeping an eye on the weather reports from around Florida, praying their worst fears do not come true. Moultrie city officials say it was a simple decision to make because so many people needed a place to stay.