Gas Shortage

Gov. Jeb Bush is acknowledging that the gas shortage in some parts of the state is a big problem. He says much of the reason is because more than two million people were asked to evacuate and many took the good advice to fuel up before they left home.

Another problem is the ships carrying gas can’t get into port and unload until the storm passes. He’s asking people to be patient.

“If they’re going to be angry, let them get angry at me, and in return I ask that they be patient. I’ll do that deal in a heartbeat because there's going to be a lack of electricity as well and a gas station doesn’t work, unless you have generators, without electricity. You know, this is going to be a tough ride for us over the next few days,” said Gov. Bush.

We asked the governor if there was a lesson here.

“If there is a way to improve what we have done, which I’m very proud of, I might add, then we will do it,” added Gov. Bush. “Every storm is different, every circumstance is unique, we learn from all of these experiences, and I’m not going to stubbornly stand here and say everything’s perfect, ‘cuz it isn’t. Motorists just hope gas supplies are considered should Florida face such a massive evacuation in the future.”

Gov. Jeb Bush says gas companies are already getting additional fuel into some of the areas that ran out.