Shell Point Beach Preparations

As Hurricane Frances inches towards the Sunshine State, millions of Floridians are taking cover.

It's business as usual at Shell Point Beach where you'll find vacationers and locals basking in the sunshine trying to make the best of their holiday weekend.

It's hard to believe there's a hurricane coming with weather like this. The golf cart community is no stranger to tropical storms, but folks here hope Hurricane Frances will simply go away!

Ann Jones, a Shell Point resident, said, “People are a little more cautious because she's so big, was so big, now dwindling down to nothing.”

Although Frances may have lost its Category 4 status, officers at the Coast Guard Auxiliary are taking the hurricane very seriously.

Ron Piasecki, a Coast Guard officer, said, “One mile up the road we have a low spot. If you get a storm surge it blocks off Oyster Bay so you can't get in.”

If this scenario holds true, folks could be stranded for days at Shell Point without electricity, water and other resources.

“If it's going to hit the best bet is to get out and take what you can carry,” added a resident.

Take cover and take Frances seriously because looks can be deceiving. Another tip officers say is to tie down any outdoor furniture and put away those trash bins so they don't become flying missiles.