Gov. Bush Tours Damage

Gov. Jeb Bush is in south Florida preparing to tour damage caused by Frances. The government left the Capitol at midday. Gov. Jeb Bush is urging people who evacuated to stay away, especially those who left the state.

The state is directing people who want to help the American Red Cross.

Jeb Bush said, "This will be the largest relief effort the Red Cross has ever been involved in, a lot of financial support."

The state's emergency management director says that a gas shortage is likely to be around for a couple days.

Craig Fugate, director of Emergency Management of the state of Florida, said, "It's gonna take several days to get fuel back in some of these areas, search and rescue."

While the central part of the state was being pummeled, many Panhandle residents waited in line an hour or more for sandbags being filled by jail inmates.

Ken Johnson, a business owner, said, "Well, I wasn't nervous until about two hours ago and I started listening to the weather again and they said it was coming up here."

Generators are in such hot supply that security guards were called in to avert problems, and when one reporter dared to ask about Ivan, the fifth hurricane of the year that is heading this way, Jeb Bush's answer brought chuckles, but once Frances is out of the state and the cleanup begins, Floridians will need to be looking over their shoulder to see if Ivan will be yet another unwelcome visitor.

The governor also says state lawmakers will likely be called into a special session after the election to deal with hurricane related funding issues.