Frances' Fury

Frances has weakened slightly with 90 mile per hour winds after smashing ashore along a wide stretch of Florida's east coast. The bad news is it will stay over the peninsula until late Sunday night or early Monday.

Armed with unlimited determination, Hurricane Frances crawled across south Florida's eastern coast line with a plan of attack and she left behind a trail of destruction from city to city, making life miserable for millions of Floridians.

Amateo Hernandez said, "Kind of devastated, will come together."

That could take days if not weeks. Millions are without power and water. Crews are already scrambling to fix the mess but there will be no quick fix.

Richard Reinhard said, "Be patient, were working."

Hurricane Frances managed to rearrange neighborhoods all over Florida knocking down trees all over the place. Frustrations are already growing for people who can't seem to find relief.

Laticia Forbes, a resident, said, "Our house is flooded and they won't open the store. I thought the community was supposed to pull together in a situation like this?"

Patience is running out. For those trying to get back to their homes.

Robert Drew, another resident, said, "They told us for our own safety were not even allowed on the island even to check my own house."

The inconvenience, some say, is a small price to pay, considering what Hurricane Frances could have done.

Chris Cantwell said, "We're pretty happy"

They’re happy to be alive following a monstrous storm that seemed to have at least some mercy.