Insurance Assessment

Now that Frances has left its mark on Florida, some area homeowners are picking up the pieces and digging out their insurance papers.

One insurance agent says it could be months before hard numbers are in on the recent damage, but homeowners shouldn't be worried about insurance companies paying their claims.

Monday we brought you to the home Robert Camp, where a tall tree fell right through the roof causing an unexpected storm related headache.

"We've got tarp up there now, but it's not going to withstand the rain if we don't do something about it," says Robert.

Calls have poured in to the Earl Bacon Insurance Agency. Agent Bobby Bacon says the damage from Frances is not as extensive as first projected.

"There are some fairly significant claims where homes or businesses have been severely damaged, but fortunately they seem to be isolated cases at this point,” says Bacon.

Bacon says most of his claims have been reports of damages from trees, but as far as coastal properties, those calls haven't come in because many of those homeowners may still be out of town.

Bacon says although we've been hit by back-to-back storms, most insurance companies in Florida are prepared to pay their claims now that most policies include a two percent hurricane deductible, but it may take them a little while to get to each claim.

Bacon adds, “It seems like the insurance companies’ catastrophe models have worked fairly well and they're fully prepared to pay all of the claims that occur in this particular storm damage, even with Charley and Frances coming in such close proximity."

Now, all eyes are on Hurricane Ivan, which Bacon says could really put a strain on the reserves of a lot of insurance. Bacon says renter's insurance mainly covers the contents within the rental property, but he says it's not a bad idea to have it.