A Big Change With A Big Insurance Company

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

May 10, 2013

Madison, FL--The damage was staggering when Jeff Bush disappeared after the ground opened up underneath his home. A sinkhole swallowed him in his bedroom while he slept.

We have seen plenty of major sinkholes in Florida.

Now, a new letter sent to State Farm policyholders nationwide reads it is not covering sinkhole ground collapse and Madison County resident Pat Lightcap is shocked.

"This removes sinkhole coverage from your policy," said Patrick Lightcap, a Madison Resident. "If they can change the policy they can change what they charge what they cover. We are at the mercy of the company's we don't have much of a recourse."

A State Farm Florida Spokesperson says the Sinkhole Ground Cover Collapse Coverage is being replaced with the Florida Ground Cover Coverage. The catastrophic coverage is required by law. The sinkhole coverage will cost customers extra.

"There maybe cracking in the home's foundation or in the walls, things like that. That will come into play for an extra layer should there be something other than a catastrophic ground cover collapse."

The additional sinkhole coverage was implemented last year in 16 other counties, before it was applied to the North Florida area.

Policyholders will actually see their rates going down because sinkhole coverage is not included.