Operation Santa Cause Helps A Homeless Mother and Son Move Into a House

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December 21, 2012 - Mother of 3, Melanie Davison was homeless, sleeping in a car and tents with her 12 year old son before the Operation Santa Cause Program through the Department of Children and Families changed everything. She says "they've given us a Christmas tree, they furnished our house and there is nothing we could want or need for anymore. It was our Christmas miracle, we just can't believe that the whole town of Tallahassee has opened their hearts to our family and cared so much to get us things that basically that people have everyday."

Secretary David Wilkins and DCF are highlighting some families around the state of Florida to help those that are struggling get on their feet this holiday season. DCF Press Secretary, Erin Gillespie says “ these are single parents in a lot of cases with children who are working and really trying to make it and in some cases they just need help with the holidays, they couldn't afford to buy Christmas presents for the kids."

Dozens of donors in the Tallahassee area have come forward, not only providing monetary donations but household items, clothing, gifts, toys, and Christmas presents for the children. Davison says "people in Tallahassee just started donating to our family and we went from nothing to a house full of everything we possibly need."

Melanie's 2 oldest children are grown, one of which is serving our country in the military and although times have been tough lately, she is thankful to have a place to finally call home for her 12 year old son, Tyler. She states “we stayed happy, we stayed positive because we had each other and that was the most important thing." When asked what she is most grateful for this holiday season Davison simply says
“having a house to have my son in and not have to worry about them taking him away from me.”

The Operation Santa Cause program, through the Department of Children and Families, has not only been able to fulfill 12 wishes from families in need, but through a generous donation of $25,000 from Wal-Mart, they have been able to grant an additional 12 wishes for 12 other families in the state.

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