A Local Look At The Affordable Care Act

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By: Andy Alcock
September 30, 2013

Millions of people in Florida and across the country can begin buying health insurance Tuesday subsidized by the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare.

In Florida, there's an estimated three and a half million people without health insurance.

RJ Reed, Avant Financial Group: "As of October 1, you're mandated to have insurance. So I don't think that's quite hit the general public yet."
And millions of those people can start getting subsidized health insurance starting Tuesday.

Individuals making between roughly 12,000 and 46,000 dollars a year qualify for funding help. So do families of four or more people making less than 94,000, unless your employer offers a plan.

Anyone without insurance could face a fine of $100 per year. However, it's far less money than the cost of most subsidized insurance.

Reporter: "Is that going to be a problem do you think?
RJ Reed, Avant Financial Group: Um, I don't know. That's a great question. Only time's going to tell on that one."

To sign up for help under the Affordable Care Act, you can do it at the website 'healthcare.gov' or through a registered health insurance agent in your area. The only one in Leon County is Blue Cross, also known as Florida Blue. There are four options for the same coverage. You can pay more money up front or more money for co-pays for services.

The open enrollment period runs from October 1st to March 31st.

RJ Reed: "There's a lot of folks out there who do want to take advantage of this and they might qualify, might qualify for a subsidy."

The people who don't qualify for Affordable Care Act coverage because their annual incomes are too low are covered under Medicaid.

However, the federal government estimates about one million Floridians won't qualify for either option because the state didn't expand Medicaid.

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