Madison County Resident Is Deals With More Flooding

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By: Emily Johnson
April 25, 2015

Madison County, FL - "About three or four weeks ago it started coming in a little bit and then it started coming in really hard," said Margaret Watson.

Watson is talking about the unwelcome water that is surrounding her home. She said there's at least 30 acres of property under water. Now Watson is asking where all the water is coming from. Her concerns are not only with her property, but also with her neighbors property.

"It's a hardship that it stands all the way around for all of us. My neighbors had to move their horse because of the gators and the waters coming up on their upper pastures," said Watson.

The water has now reached depths of 30 to 40 feet in some areas and Watson says the recent rain shouldn't cause this much flooding.

"The water that does come over from the rains or whatever it's a natural flow. There's always sometimes a little pond over here that can happen every couple of years a little bit of something. I've been here twenty years and this is coming on the third time," said Watson.

Watson has contacted the Suwannee River Water Management District about the flood waters on her property. We also contacted the SRWMD. They told us their looking in Watson's case and talking with Madison County officials about alternatives that could be done to help with the flow of water in the area.

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