'Cash Course' For High School Seniors

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By: Emily Johnson
September 27,2012

Tallahassee, FL - A group of economic heavyweights including the Florida Council on Economic Education (FCEE), Florida Bankers Association, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta released a report about students and money in Florida.

The FCEE says schools focus on "reading, writing, and arithmetic," but leave out one very import part: how to handle money.

The group wants to equip high school students with the tools they need when it comes to understanding finances.

"People in America the fastest growing group in bankruptcy are people 20 to 24. How can we solve this, what's the anecdote? The anecdote is better financial education in high school and right now it is not there," says Geoff Simon, Senior VP Simon & Associates Wealth Management of Raymond James.

They are asking that 'The Money Course' be in law-- requiring the course as a stand alone credit.

Kaye Schmitz of Florida Prosperity Partnership says, "Very early on we realized that the youth need that same kind of training because they don't get it at home."

Also the organizers say that adding the course would be of little to no cost to the school districts

"The most important outcome of the day was that there is ready availability of partners, resources and training so a course in financial literacy, 'The Money Course', can be implemented at little to no cost to local school districts," says Mike Bell the FCEE Executive Director.

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