A Push or Not A Push... That's the Question in Tallahassee Political Race

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Leon County, FL - A hand movement is at the center of a controversy involving Tallahassee City Commission candidates Scott Maddox and Steve Stewart. Stewart calls it a "push" from Maddox, Maddox calls it a "distancing" gesture.

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Leon County, FL - One candidate accuses another of 'playing the race card' in a heated battle for Tallahassee City Commission. Scott Maddox is squaring off against Steve Stewart for Seat One.

Maddox today blasted a campaign mailer sent out by a group called 'Citizens for a Better Tallahassee'. The flyer says Maddox is a member of Kappa Alpha fraternity. The flyer highlights what it calls the fraternity's "disturbing history" of racial insensitivity.

Maddox defended his record on race relations. He questions why the group hasn't reported its financial contributors. He believes Stewart is linked to the third party mailer. "Do you blame Mr. Stewart or believe he is responsible for these ads?"

"Well, yeah, sure. There are only two of us in this race."

"I have nothing to do with this mailer. It's a third party mailer."
Tension was high when Stewart showed up at the press conference. Stewart claims Maddox pushed him as he walked up to the podium to address the campaign flyer. Maddox says he put a hand on his shoulder to distance himself from Stewart.

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