A Sting Of Vehicle Robberies Hit A Local Subdivision

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By: Emily Johnson
August 15, 2014

Thomasville, GA - Thomas County Sheriff's Office dealt with a sting of vehicle robberies last night, all in the same area.

"Yeah you feel violated knowing that you have a family that you're trying to protect and knowing that people are creeping around your house trying to get in and steal things, that kind of scares you a little bit," said Dana Stewart, one of the robbery victims.

Deputies said thieves broke into Stewart's car and stole $400 in cash, credit cards, a drivers license and her social security card as well as her children's.

"To count we have four right now in that general area that have been entered, hopefully there weren't any more," said Captain Steve Jones, Thomas County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson.

Authorities told us the robber/robbers hit vehicles at houses that were right next to each other in Carrington Circle.

TCSO said another vehicle broken into had a .380 caliber handgun stolen. Now they're actively looking to get that gun back and out of the wrong hands.

"It's been stolen number one so a criminal has the gun and number two a firearm on the street in the hands that it shouldn't be in is always going to be a big concern for us," said Captain Jones.

In all the cases the vehicles were unlocked. TCSO said locking vehicles should be number one priority when leaving your car.

As of right now the Thomas County Sheriff's Office doesn't have any named suspects. If you have any information you're encouraged to call 229-225-2300.

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