A Workshop is Held to Discuss the Fate of The Shelter Property

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By: Gina Pitisci
March 27, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - A small group gathered today for a workshop to discuss the fate of The Shelter in Tallahassee and the property where it currently resides. City Commissioner, Scott Maddox says "there's a possibility of moving The Shelter, we think that's a great idea." Members from the Tallahassee City Commission and Shelter board met with United Way representatives to evaluate the current location of The Shelter and what is best for the community. City Commissioner, Gil Ziffer says "it's extremely important for us to get a much clearer gauge of what the needs are in the homeless community in Tallahassee."

The Community Redevelopment Agency met Monday and is in the process of appraising The Shelter and it's adjacent property. Their report is expected to be complete within a week. Maddox says "I think if we can move The Shelter it will be positive for the neighborhood for the surrounding area for Florida State University, for the downtown area, I think it would be overall best for the community."

According to Ziffer, the location of The Shelter is a good site for the CRA to purchase and re-develop. He also says "having The Shelter there is holding back that part of Frenchtown and West Tennessee Street from growing and improving."

United Way of the Big Bend has also hired a consultant who will compile a report within 30 days detailing the specific needs of those who utilize the shelter and present the results by the end of April. Ziffer admits "The Shelter needs more space. The Shelter needs to be able to provide greater services. That location is preventing them from doing that and then we have an agency that may be able to buy it and help solve the redevelopment of the area. Good for everybody."

When asked about the time frame on "if and when" The Shelter property could get purchased, the city commissioners did not have an answer at this time, however, they hope to have a better idea once the results of the survey are reviewed at the end of next month.

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