AAA Report Predicts Increase In 2012 Holiday Travelers

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Thomasville, GA- Tis the season to travel; that's according to a report by AAA which says more than 93 million people will be going the distance to celebrate the holidays this year. That's up 1.6% from last year.

With 90% of those travelers expected to hit the roads, Georgia State Patrol Troopers say they're already gearing up.

"Our drinking and driving enforcement is going to be way up this weekend and that's what we're trying to stop as far as accidents and injuries," said Sgt. Tracy Tabb, with GSP.

Travelers we spoke to said nothing, not gas prices or the economy, would stop them from getting to their loved ones this year.

"Especially for this year, it was kind of like price really wasn't too much of an option, we just really wanted to be with our family, although we were able to get good prices on flights," said Anna Cotter, a Tallahassee resident.

Katie Rondello is making the four hour drive to Orlando to see family. She said, "It's Christmas; so it's just the fact of being around family and being around loved ones and being able to share and give to people. It's really fun."

State Troopers are urging drivers to slow down and buckle up for a safe arrival.

"Be prepared for delays," said Tabb. "A lot of people are going to be traveling the intestates and state roads, so just be prepared. You're out of your surroundings so pay attention to everything around you."

The AAA report also showed a four point five percent spike in holiday air travel compared to 2011.

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