AARP, Seniors Voicing Their Concerns to Legislature

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Earleen Medina visits the Tallahassee Senior Center pretty regularly.

"I come Monday's and Thursday's and play canasta," says Medina.

She is part of Florida's 50+ population, the same population AARP represented in a recent survey on Florida legislation.

"People want to see texting while driving legislation, people want to see adequate home and community-based services for long-term care," said the AARP's Florida state director Jeff Johnson.

The survey also showed a strong opposition for Florida's nuclear cost recovery law which allows utility companies to charge for nuclear power plants regardless of whether or not they are built.

Medina says all of the issues surveyed are important to her, especially the law impacting her utilities.

"The utilities need to be looked over, they need to be looked at maybe from a senior's point of view. What can they do to help?" said Medina.

Voters age 50 and over made up 40 percent of Florida's electorate in 2012.

"Our hope is that the legislature can see from this survey that people across party lines have a strong interest in a number of issues that the legislature can work on," said Johnson.

The AARP has said they will lobby the legislature in support of the issues their members have expressed concern in.

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