AT&T Donates $50,000 To Help Georgians Further Their Education

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Thomasville, GA- About 1.2 million adults in Georgia do not have a high school diploma, but thanks to $50,000 donation from AT&T, that number could go down.

Southwest Georgia Technical College is just one of the 25 technical schools in the Peach State that will use those funds to pay for lower-income people to take the GED test.

"When you have a test that's $160 and you don't have anywhere remotely close to that kind of money, it's a great opportunity to give to those people and they really appreciate it," said Dale Aldridge, the Executive Director for Adult Education at Southwest Georgia Technical College. "You can see the look in their eyes when they apply and actually receive that money."

The money will also help some GED students take the next step and continue on to college level courses.

"When they start succeeding, you just see this wonderful change begin to happen, when they see that, 'yeah, I can do this. I can go back to school and I can be successful,'" said Mary Lou Vonier, who is an Adult Education Instructor at SWGTC.

Having a GED can also give people a competitive edge in the job market.

"It's an opportunity to get a job they never had before and all the things that go along with having a good job, you know, benefits and a salary," added Aldridge.

Students say it's a test worth taking.

"There's been times, you know, I feel like, 'well I can't do this,' or sometimes you just want to give in, but yet still, at the end, it'll be a blessing," said Tawana Graham, who just completed her GED test at SWGTC and is currently waiting for her test scores to come back.

The AT&T grant hopes to create GED opportunities for almost 1200 low-income Georgians.

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