[UPDATE] A Tallahassee Woman Says She Found Oil in a Batch of Oysters

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UPDATED BY: La'Tasha Givens 10/22 at:12:45

The fear of oil remnants from the BP spill getting into local seafood is one a local woman says is valid.

WCTV first reported on Tuesday, Pamela Andrews said she found what she believes to be crude oil in a half bushel of oysters she purchased from Spears Seafood on Lake Bradford.

The Department of Agriculture told Eyewitness News it collected 15 oysters from the seafood store for testing. Ag officials say they are testing the meat of the oysters and Florida Fish and Wildlife are testing the outer exteriors.

Officials tell us, testing to determine if oil was on the oysters will be made public next week.


Pamela Andrews says she bought a half bushel of oysters from Spears Seafood on Monday. She says as she ate them she noticed what she believes to be crude oil all over them. She showed WCTV the oysters. Andrews believes they are a result of the BP gulf oil spill. WCTV contacted Spears Seafood, they released this statement.

"Our number one concern is selling quality seafood and treating our customers well. We are aware of the particular concern. The Department of Agriculture and Florida Fish and Wildlife is in the process of testing the oysters in question. With their findings, we will respond with integrity and do the right thing like we have for 38 years."

"We were told the last two or so months that it's okay to eat seafood from the gulf. Officials said everything is going well and the cap has been put on. As a consumer, I trust the people that are in office to take care of me and my health and my safety and my well being. I feel like the ball was dropped," says Andrews.

The company also told us the Department of Agriculture and Florida Fish and Wildlife are testing samples of their oysters and will have the results in a few days.

WCTV contacted the Department of Agriculture but was not able to speak to anyone about this matter. We will keep you updated when those results are made public.

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