Aaron Golson Enters No Contest for Misdemeanor Hazing

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Tallahassee, FL - May 17, 2012

Aaron Golson has entered a no contest plea to misdemeanor hazing in Bria Hunter Hazing Case

Tallahassee, FL - May 10, 2012

One of the eleven people arrested in the hazing death of a FAMU drum major was also charged in December for violence against another band member. Aaron Golson faces two felonies, and questions over whether Golson should have been on the bus in Orlando are being raised.

On December 13th last year, Aaron Golson was one of three people arrested in the beating of FAMU band member Bria Hunter. Thursday, Golson turned himself in to face felony charges in the death of Drum Major Robert Champion.

The initial police report in Bria Hunters beating was made November 8th. 11 days before Robert Champion died.

Attorney Chuck Hobbs represents suspended band director Julian White. He says Golson wasn’t one of the original suspects named in the Hunter report.

“So, at the time of Robert Champion’s death, Golson was still a member in good standing of the Marching 100,” Hobbs said.

Because he was not initially named as a suspect, Golson was allowed to make the fatal trip to Orlando where Champion died.

“You have to almost wonder if the investigation had ensued maybe quicker, would his name have come up quicker and maybe he would not have been one of the ringleaders that was involved in the incident that led to Robert Champion’s death,” Hobbs said.

At the FAMU campus, managers spent the day in training, where topics included harassment, bullying, and hazing.

“If there’s a rumor floating around about a particular professor, but there are no specific reports, what do you do at that point?” a audience member asked.

“You report it,” Daiquiri Steele with the U.S. Department of Education replied. “If it’s a rumor, you have reason to believe that something could be happening.”

Both the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the University System Board of Governors continue investigations into what happened at FAMU.

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