Abandoned December Miracle Puppies Ready for Adoption

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Tallahassee, FL - Back in December 2012, 7 newborn puppies were left to die in a plastic shopping bag on the side of road in Midway, Florida. Since then, volunteers at the Leon County Humane Society have spent the last 6 weeks caring for them and they are now ready for adoption. According to the Adoption Coordinator at the Leon County Humane Society, Amy Raddar, "they are fighters and they made it and that makes me super proud."

The 7 hound-mix puppies left on the side of the road with no chance of survival were bottle fed every 2 hours around the clock for almost 6 weeks by volunteers. They all survived and will now live long happy healthy lives. Raddar says, “people we've had just check in and see them, call and check on them, how are the puppies, It was just heartwarming, it was really heartwarming and I feel like these puppies were the communities puppies."

Dana Brillante was one of the fosters that nursed two of the puppies back to health and is thankful they survived and will be given a second chance. She feels “it's very sad that some people treat animals as disrespectfully as these puppies were treated."

Laurel Rigg also fostered two of the puppies and has decided to adopt one of them who they have re-named "Grizz.” Rigg says “just to see him come from a place where he might not make it and to now a thriving happy puppy, it's just amazing. He's already a part of our family so I just couldn't let him go.”

People in the community also chipped in to help with the cost of taking care of the puppies and some even visited them on a regular basis. Raddar says "they went through almost 60 pounds of puppy formula, canned food, their shots, we had a couple of them that got a little sick along the way so vet bills, so to those people we want to say thank you so much, you helped tremendously." Raddar says “they are 6 to 7 weeks now, the boys are neutered, the girls will get spayed next week, they've had their first shots, and so they are ready to find amazing good forever homes.”

Out of the 7 miracle Christmas Reindeer puppies, 3 have already been adopted and 4 are still looking for homes. If you are interested in adopting one of the 2 boys or 2 girl puppies, you can call the Leon County Humane Society for more information at 850-224-9193. You can also fill out an adoption application online at www.LCHS.info. The adoption fee for each puppy is $250.

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