Abandoned Nine-Year-Old Dog Gets Christmas Miracle

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By: Emily Johnson
December 26, 2013

Tallahassee,FL -For the past 33 years Pam Houmere has been a volunteer at the Leon County Humane Society. She has saved the lives of hundreds of animals in risk of being euthanized at high kill shelters. Now the "It's very individually rewarding to be able to turn an animals life around," said Houmere.

Now the newest dog to Houmere's foster family is a nine-year-old female rottweiler name Merry after Merry Christmas. "So someone sent here to me and I took pity on her, I mean look at her face, how can you say no," said Houmere.

Merry was abandoned by her family in Miami where she was left tied to the door of a veterinary clinic. That's when Houmere was notified about Merry through social media. With the help of other good samaritans, they were able to transport Merry almost 500 miles from Miami to Houmere's home in Tallahassee on Christmas Eve. "So the couple brought there two pugs plus this dog up and because of traffic problems we waited until 1:15 A.M. until we finally got her. She's our little Christmas miracle," said Houmere.

A miracle it was. Houmere said the reason her original family may have left her because she is an older dog with age related health problems. Now Merry is up for adoption here in Tallahassee and is looking for her forever home to spend the future holidays with her new family.

If you're interested in more on Merry you can call the Leon County Humane Society at (850)-224-9192.

Houmere and her husband Bill also have other dogs up for adoption
They have two Dachshund's, a Terrier, a Papillon and a German Shepherd mix. If you're interested in any of these dogs you can call the Leon County Humane Society for more information. (850) 224-9192.

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