Active Shooter Training At Gadsden County School

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

September 16, 2013

Gadsden County, FL-- Students yell for help after getting word that a gunmen is on the loose at their school. This is all pretend at Robert F Munroe Day School in Quicy but Sheriff Morris Young from the Gadsden County Sheriffs Office says it could be real and preparing for the worst is a smart thing.

"Just a nice, beautiful day just like any other day, nobody, nobody would have thought that all hell would break loose in Newtown," said Sheriff Morris A. Young, from the Gadsden County Sheriffs Office.

"We saw the need that we need to make sure we train and prepare for situations like this," said Young.

All City and County first responders came to help with the first-time demonstration.

"It was definitely freaky, me and my friends were just siting in the hallway half crying, we didn't really know what to do," said Katie Howell, a student at Robert F Munroe Day School.

"If this were to happen we know the steps to take to find the safest way out," said Myles Edwards, a student at Robert F Munroe Day School.

Some students had to act injured and others were told to take cover in certain locations around the school. Authorities say the best thing to do is to run or follow your teacher.

"It got real, real fast, the teachers were kind of disturbed," said Walt Kelleher, a student at Robert F Munroe Day School.

Teachers were told to lead the class to a hidden location.

The Gadsden Sheriffs Office says it is looking to do another one by the end of the year.