Local Advocates Raise Awareness About Dangers Of Domestic Violence

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Thomasville, GA - William Knight was arrested last week and charged with murder for allegedly stabbing his wife Shirley Knight to death inside a bookkeeping business in Thomasville.

Police say there were previous reports of domestic violence between the couple.

Advocates from Ruth's Cottage Domestic Violence Shelter in Tifton say tragedies from domestic violence are far too common.

"This is just the very top, the very tip of the iceberg of an underlying problem in our community," said Sonia Harper, the Executive Director of Ruth's Cottage. "Let's talk about it. Let's bring it out into the light so that we can bring a change to our communities."

Harper says there are red flags individuals should look out for.

"Trying to isolate the victim from friends or family, trying to maintain control over their time, over their money, over their technology, their cellphone, that sort of thing."

Advocates urge friends and family members to speak up, before it's too late.

"Talk with that person and just let them know help is available. Be an ear. Be a support to that person. Very often victims of violence, of family violence, become very isolated so they don't feel like they can reach out."

Advocates also want victims to know, they are never alone.

"There is hope and there is assistance and they can leave and they can have a second shot at life," Harper added.

If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic violence, call 1-800-33-HAVEN. Trained volunteers are available 24/7 to assist callers.

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