Agency Launches Direct Messaging Service for Health Care Providers

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News Release: Agency for Health Care Administration
July 31, 2014

TALLAHSSEE – The Florida Health Information Exchange (Florida HIE) is helping health care providers easily communicate through its Direct Messaging service. The Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency), in cooperation with Harris Corporation and Inpriva, launched its nationally accredited secure email service, Direct Messaging, to enable a web-based email solution to exchange information between health care providers.

The sharing of health information improves care coordination and collaboration among providers within and across state lines.

“This connectivity is important for Florida residents, especially those who travel or share residence in another state” said Elizabeth Dudek, Agency Secretary. “The Agency’s accredited service extends our infrastructure for sharing health data across town and across the nation.”

The ability to send a patient’s summary of care record from a provider’s certified electronic health record to a Direct Messaging user is an important avenue for coordinating transitions of care.

“A webmail service is important to meet the needs of health care providers that do not use an electronic health record system for exchange of information,” said Heidi Fox, Director of the Florida HIE. “The Direct Messaging service is also available to health plans, government agencies, and their business associates for secure communications with health care providers that have adopted electronic health records.”

Users of Direct Messaging are responsible for obtaining authorization prior to exchanging protected health information as required by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other applicable law.

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