Agriculture Day Held at Brooks County High School

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-- Brooks County, Ga. -- March 13, 2013 --

The fourth annual Agriculture Day was held at Brooks County High School. Fifth graders from the two local elemmentary schools got the chance to meet a horse doctor and dairy farmer as she milked a cow. They also got the chance to see goats, chickens and meet other farmers. The goal is to raise awareness about the agriculture industry in Brooks County.

Many of the students were caught off gaurd by the day's events. Especially the milking of the cow.

Kamari Wilson is a student at Quitman Elementary. She said
"it was kind of scary because out of the blue it just be mooing and it scared me but it was interesting how they milked the cow. I didn't know they used milking machines instead of hands because it takes less time to use milking machines."

On average a dairy cow can produce 6 gallons of milk in a single day.

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