Airports Packed For The Holidays

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By: Garin Flowers
December 26, 2013

Lines filled up at the Tallahassee Regional Airport as travelers headed out of North Florida.

But, the TCC Girls Head Basketball Coach, Franqua Bedell, was returning. He was in Fort Smith, Arkansas for the holidays - where he proposed to his now fiance.

"My dad's a professional musician and so we took her to the event he was having. He sang ribbon in the sky and as he was singing ribbon in the sky, I proposed and she said yes," Bedell said.

"I think he got scared for a moment because I wasn't saying anything but of course, yes," said Crystal Ness, Bedell's fiance.

Airport officials said this time of the season always gets a little busier - this year especially with some of the severe weather up north.

"The holiday period is usually spread out over about a ten day period, so we've seen heavy traffic for the last week or two and we expect it to continue through about the first of the year," said Jim Durwin, superintendent of airport operations at the Tallahassee Regional Airport.

Right now, things are busy for holiday travel, but soon it'll be busy for a different reason - FSU's appearance in the college football national championship.

"We're looking forward to it. We have a whole lot of folks coming through and we're gearing up for it, we're very excited about it. Particularly, Saturday the 4th looks to be a really busy day with us."

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