Allegations Lead To Inventory Audit of Tallahassee Fire Department

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By: Matt Galka
May 15, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - 16 year Tallahassee Fire Department veteran Mark DeCarlo was placed on paid administrative leave last week following a personnel issue. DeCarlo has since been requesting investigations into the department, including one to review their inventory and equipment.

"I sent City Hall multiple requests for investigations regarding the shortages of probably tens of thousands of dollars of equipment in the fire department," said DeCarlo.

Tallahassee fire Chief Cindy Dick would not comment on the personnel issue between the department and DeCarlo, but did say that they are looking into his claims.

"We have policies and procedures as it relates to daily inventory of equipment, daily operational readiness of equipment, any number of checks and balances, reporting of equipment, but to ensure that we're getting an objective view of it we've asked the city auditor to come in and take a second look of our practices," said Chief Dick.

DeCarlo has submitted emails of his fire hose to city hall, claiming that it is rotting.

"We've been trying to get it replaced for months," he said.

Despite DeCarlo's claims, the department is standing by their policies.

"We've got annual maintenance schedules. We pull every single hose off every apparatus every year and test it to pressure test it.If there were equipment problems I'm quite certain out of 300 employees it would be brought to my attention," said Chief Dick.

The Tallahassee City Auditor's Office confirmed that there is an audit and review of department inventory. It is expected to take several weeks.

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