FOUND: Child Abducted in Thomasville

Missing Child
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By: Kara Duffy

Thomasville, GA - Just hours after an Amber Alert was issued, a missing two-year-old Georgia girl was safely found. Investigators say the man behind the kidnapping was the toddler's father.

Two-year-old Nianni Williams was reported missing shortly before 10:30 Wednesday morning. The toddler's mother told police the child's father, 36-year-old Saleem Williams, forced his way into her house in Thomasville and took off with the two-year-old.

Investigators spent hours at the house along Harris Street this afternoon, treating it as a crime scene, while other officers combed the area looking for the Ford Expedition Williams had driven off in.

Family members of the toddler also gathered at the house to offer each other support.

Tasha Brockington, the victim's cousin said, "It is hard to believe. It's so hard to believe something like this would happen and that he would do something like this."

Around one o'clock this afternoon and after hours of searching, a Tallahassee resident spotted Williams, Nianni, and the vehicle at Lake Ella.

Tallahassee Police then circled in on Williams and arrested him.

We're told Nianni was taken to the police station for further evaluation, but it appears she was not physically harmed.

Investigators say right now Williams is charged with kidnapping but could face more charges pending an investigation.

Thomasville kidnapped child Nianni Williams has been found at Lake Ella in Tallahassee.

According to the Thomasville Police Department

Thomas County, Ga. -- The Thomasville Police Department is investigating a Kidnapping and Child Abduction.

They are looking for a Blue 2001 Ford Expedition driven by a black adult male, Saleen Williams.

He should have in his custody a two year old child that was taken from 305 Harris Street. This incident took place within the last hour.

The child is described as a two year old, black female with hazel eyes. She was last seen in a pink shirt with flowers, pink pants, & silver/pink Nike shoes.

Williams was last seen in a brown shirt, with a white t-shirt underneath, & brown pants. Williams is the father of the child.

He should be considered armed and dangerous.

Alleged Abductor: Saleem Williams

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