Amendment Seeks To Clears Up Parking Meter Language

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By: Gina Pitisci
March 20, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - The Senate Affairs Committee agreed today to a series of amendments to Senate Bill 1132, one of which removes the controversial parking meter language. According to Miami Parking Authority, CEO, Arthur Noriega, "First and foremost it would mean is probably higher rates because we would have to justify and compensate for the loss in revenue."

Currently, within the right-of-way limits of state roads under the Florida Department of Transportation's jurisdiction, are parking meters or parking time limit devices whose revenue benefits only local jurisdictions. FDOT is seeking authorization to receive 50 percent of that revenue collected from these devices on state roads. According to Noriega, "certainly the issue has as big of a financial impact on us as it probably does in the rest of the state, so we kind of took the issue very seriously and really wanted to present the case for really doing an evaluation on it."

Noriega feels that his organization was not given much of an opportunity to sit down with the Department of Transportation to discuss the verbiage in the bill and walk through the issue and prepare in advance. He says "there are a whole series of expenses that the city takes on themselves for the maintenance of those roads, so for us it's an issue that really should have been vetted months ago and weren't."

A spokesman on behalf of dot says "the department will work with all parties to come to an equitable resolution to this issue." Noriega adds "let's go back, let's study the issue, let's work with DOT to see if we can come to some sort of resolution to it but with a little better preparation."

From here, the bill will go to it's last committee and then to the Senate floor. As long as no one amends the language back into the bill the issue will be resolved. The House version of this bill will most likely be presented next week.

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