An Organization Walks for Water Quality

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

April 21, 2013

Tallahassee,FL - Water is a natural resource and necessity for life. But, not everyone has easy access to it. For Mary Rolling it's her passion to keep water clean.

"I am very passionate about the water because I love water I grew up in Fort Lauderdale and I love the beach and it's very passionate to me," said Mary Rolling, the Walk For Water Organizer. "It's the first time really that we've seen water warnings outside."

Outside our Florida waters, especially the Gulf Coast.

"Waters not clean yet," said Jonathan Henderson, a volunteer for the Gulf Restoration Network."I was just walking around the beach on Destin and I found some tarballs."

To help clean up Florida's waters, Rolling and the Aveda Community made it their mission to raise money with their Walk for Water event. They brought the city together and step by step hope to make a difference here and abroad.

"The mother's that have to walk six miles and further to just get clean water for their family everyday," said Debbie Copeland, a representative for the Aveda Institute. "It really hits close to home when you have just a facet in your house that you can go in drink from."

The funds will also go to help countries get easier access to clean drinking water. Rolling also hopes to bring this effort back to Tallahassee next year.

This is the first year the Walk for Water became a community effort. The Athena Aveda Salon has been planning it since December. They say, giving countries access to clean water and helping restore the Gulf is the mission of all Aveda Salons.

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