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Interview John Mccain Tallahasssee Presidential Debate
Andy Alcock interviews Senator John McCain
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Tallahassee, FL - He was the last Republican to take on Barack Obama in a presidential debate, and today, Senator John McCain was in Tallahassee to campaign for current GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

Sen. John McCain, Arizona: "We can not underestimate that President Obama is an excellent debater, gives excellent speeches, it's going to be a tough fight, but I'm confident Mitt will do well."

And at a speech at the Sauls-Bridges American Legion Post,
Senator McCain had harsh criticism for his former foe.

McCain says he and other lawmakers have been begging President Obama to negotiate about automatic budget cuts set to go into effect January 1st.

The senator told veterans the defense department will suffer major cuts, but he says the president won't negotiate until a tax raise is promised first.

"This is America's national security at stake and the commander in chief has taken a hike."

"There's tens of thousands of jobs at stake here as well as military presence in Florida."

A full house was at the American Legion post greeted Senator McCain.

Included in the crowd outside was about a half dozen of President Obama's supporters.

While those people and the Senator disagree on issues like the affordable care act, they all agree on the sunshine state's importance in this race.

Barbara DeVane, an Obama supporter said, "that's why I'm working 12 to 14 hours a day for the next almost five weeks now. We must win the state of Florida."

McCain also said members of the administration weren't truthful when they told the American public a video led to the fatal attack on the US Embassy in Libya.

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