Weiner Stays In NYC Mayor Race After Staffer Quits

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NEW YORK (AP) -- Anthony Weiner has vowed to stay in the race for New York City mayor despite the resignation of his campaign manager.

Weiner confirmed Sunday that campaign manager Danny Kedem resigned the day before after reports surfaced that Weiner continued to exchange lewd photos and messages with women despite resigning from Congress in 2011 over the same behavior.

Weiner says he has an "amazing staff" but that his campaign "isn't about the people working on the campaign."

Weiner was forced to discuss his online behavior after a gossip website printed excerpts of conversations Weiner had with Indiana college student Sydney Leathers last summer.

Weiner apologized and promised that the "behavior is behind me."

He later admitted that he traded racy messages with at least three women since leaving office.

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NEW YORK (AP) -- When Anthony Weiner apologized for a sexting scandal and resigned from Congress in 2011, a key figure was absent: his wife, Huma Abedin (HOO'-mah AB'-eh-deen).

Weiner found himself making a public mea culpa again Tuesday for a newfound sexting scandal amid his New York City mayoral run. But this time, the Democrat was there to stay in, not bow out -- and Abedin was by his side.

The gossip website The Dirty posted X-rated text messages and a lewd photograph that it said Weiner exchanged with an unidentified woman. Weiner acknowledged sending such messages as recently as last summer, more than a year after his resignation from the House.

Abedin said she loves him, forgives him and believes in him.

Her message could prove important to shaping voters' views.

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As predicted by Anthony Weiner himself, the sex scandal that led to his 2011 resignation from Congress would become an issue during his mayoral campaign. And a series of lewd texts and photos revealed Tuesday has forced Weiner to ask New Yorkers to "give him another chance."

In a news conference late Tuesday afternoon, Weiner read a statement apologizing for his behavior and he repeated, as he has done since he jumped into the New York City mayoral race in May, that he and his wife, Huma Abedin, are "moving forward."

Abedin, who to this point had not spoken about the scandal during Weiner's mayoral campaign, told reporters that she "strongly" believes this scandal is "between us" and added, "I love him, I have forgiven him, I believe in him and as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward."

Weiner opened the press conference saying, "As I have said in the past, these things that I did were wrong and hurtful to my wife and caused us to go through challenges in our marriage that extended past my resignation from Congress," adding, "I want to again say that I am very sorry to anyone who was on the receiving end of these messages and the disruption that this has caused."

The Associated Press reported that The New York Times and three other candidates running for mayor -- Bill de Blasio, John Catsimatidis and Sal Alabense -- called for Weiner to leave the race. In its editorial, the Times wrote that Weiner "should take his marital troubles and personal compulsions out of the public eye, away from cameras, off the Web and out of the race for mayor of New York City."

The AP also reported that Harper's Bazaar published a piece Tuesday that Abedin wrote about her support of her husband's latest campaign. "New Yorkers will have to decide for themselves whether or not to give him a second chance," she wrote. "I had to make that same decision for myself, for my son, for our family. And I know in my heart that I made the right one."

Weiner, a Democrat, responded to a report of newly-discovered explicit online messages to an unidentified woman. The woman told the blog The Dirty that the exchange continued through August 2012, but Weiner repeatedly refused to comment on the timing, simply suggesting it happened after his June 2011 resignation from Congress.

In 2011, Weiner accidentally tweeted photos of his crotch to his Twitter followers, but claimed he'd been hacked.

He'd mistakenly sent a lewd message to his followers that was intended to be private. He ultimately admitted to having "inappropriate" online relationships with several women and resigned that June.

"I'm surprised more things hadn't come out sooner," Weiner said Tuesday. "Things aren't that much different than they were yesterday."

"I said there were more things out there," he continued. "We went through this process and worked through some of these challenges and we put it behind us."

In May, he announced he would seek the Democratic nomination for New York City mayor, embarking not only on a political campaign but also an apology tour.

Recent polls have shown support among NYC Democrats for his bid, though his former congressional colleagues have either endorsed other candidates or stayed silent.

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Associated Press Release

NEW YORK (AP) -- New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner admits he sent additional explicit photos and texts to a woman online.

The new lewd correspondence was posted Monday by the gossip website The Dirty. The woman involved was not identified.

Weiner resigned from Congress in June 2011 after acknowledging having sexual conversations with at least a half-dozen women.

The woman says her online relationship with Weiner lasted for six months and continued into last summer.

In his statement, Weiner does not address when the newly revealed exchange happened. He does say his behavior created "challenges in our marriage that extended past my resignation."

When he announced his mayoral run two months ago, Weiner said "other texts and photos were likely to come out." He is near the top of most mayoral polls.

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