Pro-Life Activist Rally at Florida State University

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Some Pro-Life activists made a stop at Florida State University Thursday - on a statewide tour to promote their cause.

Activists from The Center for Biomedical Education Foundation were on campus all day Thursday promoting the Genocide Awareness Project.

GAP is a traveling photo mural exhibit that visits campuses to talk about abortion--a topic that always draws differing opinions around campus.

FSU student Rose Richeson who is Pro-Choice says, "I think the pro life people could have gone about this a different way to express their opinion without having these falsified disgusting images on our campus."

FSU student Alex Holzbach says, "We don't support killing fetus' because science has determined that they are human beings and we wanna protect the human beings right to life."

These Pro-Life activists will be packing up and heading to Florida International University in Miami next week

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