Anti-Violence Group Rallies Outside Capitol

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By: Mike Springer
January 26, 2013

Tallahassee, FL-A small group of people rallied outside the Florida Capitol Saturday. They were calling for an end to the violence in Tallahassee

Five people from the 'Dream Defenders' and 'Tallahassee: Stop the Violence' waved signs and chanted as motorist drove by.

The group says it wants to bring attention to the violence in Tallahassee, which it says is a growing problem.

"We're just out here basically promoting peace, We are just trying to shed light on a dark situation that's going on, which is senseless violence," said Markeshia Harvey from 'Tallahassee: Stop the Violence.'

'Tallahassee, Stop the Violence' says it plans to hold an anti-violence march next month.

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