Apalachee CEO Releases Statement on Employee Sexual Assault Arrest

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Statement from Apalachee Center CEO Jay Reeve:

"Apalachee Center has an absolute zero tolerance policy for any kind of client exploitation. Mr. Mitchell was immediately suspended from employment following allegations of sexual misconduct with a client. An internal investigation was conducted and he was subsequently terminated. He had been employed by Apalachee center for just over six months, and had passed a thorough level 2 background screening, as we do all employees, prior to beginning work at Apalachee."

By: Garin Flowers

A local psycho-therapist is arrested after authorities say he took advantage of a client.

Franklin County authorities tracked the man, and say they caught him in the act.

The psychotherapist was supposed to be taking care of a client with multiple personalities; instead authorities say he tried to use it to his advantage.

A local woman made a call to the Franklin county sheriff's office with a shocking allegation last week.

She told them her case worker from Apalachee Mental Health sexually assaulted her during a visit at her Eastpoint home.

Sheriff's deputies say the case worker was Jim Mitchell, and that he was aware that the victim suffers from multiple personalities.

After the woman called the Sheriff's office, they put surveillance cameras in her home to see if Mitchell would repeat his actions, and deputies say he did.

On May 8th, officials say he went back to the victim's home, tried to question her and trigger another personality.

Deputies say the cameras then show Mitchell going into the victim's bedroom, stripping nude and getting into her bedroom.

The woman was able to leave the room and let an officer into her home, which ended up in the arrest of Mitchell.

Mitchell was arrested and taken to the Franklin County Jail, but has since bonded out.

Deputies say he posted a bail of $25,000 on May 10.

Press Release: Franklin County Sheriff's Office

On May 8th 2013, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint in reference to an Appalachee Mental Health Case Worker sexually assaulting one of his clients. The victim stated she was sexually assaulted last week by her case worker Jim Mitchell, and Mr. Mitchell is coming to her home again today.

Investigator Ronnie Jones deployed several surveillance cameras throughout the victim’s home before her case worker arrived. The victim suffers from multiple personalities which Mr. Mitchell is aware off. Case Worker Jim Mitchell arrived at her home on May 8th, and began questioning the victim about her telling anyone what occurred between them. He then asked if her other personality would talk, because he could get in trouble with Law Enforcement and lose his job. The video shows Mr. Mitchell enter the victim’s bedroom, completely undress, and get into bed. The victim then made an excuse to exit the room and allowed Law Enforcement inside her home.

Sgt. Timmy Register entered the bedroom, placed Mr. Mitchell in custody, and transported him to the Franklin County Investigations Office. Mr. Mitchell was read his rights by Detective Brett Johnson and agreed to speak with Law Enforcement about his involvement with the victim. Mr. Mitchell acknowledged the victim suffers from multiple personality disorder, and knows having a sexual relationship with a client could lead to him being terminated or arrested. Mr. Mitchell stated he is aware of certain vice’s that trigger different personalities in the victim and provided her with one of those vice’s on the day of the incident.

Case Worker James Mcleod Mitchell was arrested on May 8th by Detective Johnson for Sexual Misconduct by a Psychotherapist. Mr. Mitchell was released from the Franklin County Jail on May 10th after he posted bail for a $25,000 dollar bond.

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