Apalachee Center and United Way Team Up

Press Release: Apalachee Center

TALLAHASSEE, Fla., March 14, 2013 – It seems the secret to a successful campaign isn’t so secret. With the recent partnership between the Apalachee Center and the United Way of the Big Bend, this organization’s campaign saw a notable increase in both participation and donations. Each of these developments can be attributed to the support from the top and the willingness of the Apalachee Center staff to give back to the community.

This past year, United Way had the opportunity to meet with Apalachee Center’s CEO, Dr. Jay Reeve, and COO, Ms. Sue Conger, to discuss the prospect of educating their staff on the role of UWBB in the community and a possible partnership that could be formed. Apalachee Center gladly agreed and through a push from management with emails stressing the importance of giving back to the community, a resulting $4,700 increase in their campaign was gained.

“Apalachee Center is honored and excited to enter a new partnership with United Way. The support that United Way gives to this community and to the thousands of residents in recovery from mental illness is invaluable. We look forward to years of productive partnership with United Way of the Big Bend,” Jay Reeve, Ph.D., President & CEO of Apalachee Center.

United Way of the Big Bend serves eight counties. In our 70 year history, we have invested over $100 million help those in need, and worked to find solutions for issues facing our community. Our work addresses basic needs, helps families become financially stable and provides opportunities for children and youth to succeed. For more information, please visit us online - www.uwbb.org - like us on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter.