Apartment Grand Opening

By: Alicia Turner
August 28, 2014

710 beds on seven acres 16 feet above the ground.

The new Apartment Complex will be on Gaines Street.

"The Deck," "The Block," and "The Axis," now sit on land that was once an eye-sore for Gaines Street.

The project is a result of the penny sales tax in Tallahassee.

Developers say one of the best things about this new complex is students who live here can park their car and walk to almost anywhere on campus.

Roxanne Manning, Executive Director for the Community Redevelopment Agency said, "I think I can safely say that the results that we are seeing are far exceeding our expectations. We brought new residents, new businesses a better tax, space and a more attractive center for the downtown."

Developers also announced plans to put a grocery store on Gaines Street as well as some additional apartment complexes.

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