Arby's Burglarized In Valdosta Through The Roof

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By Eames Yates
September 4, 2013

Valdosta, GA - Lieutenant Aaron Kirk of the Valdosta Police Department said "doesn't appear to be a snatch and grab. It appears they must have had a little bit of time to be inside the business in order to get the safe open."

Cops say it happened anytime between one and eight AM on Monday morning at this Arby's on St. Augustine road in Valdosta. Whomever did it went in through the an air conditioning unit in the roof.

Lieutenant Kirk went on to say "they broke the safe, I believe they may have cut part of the safe apart to get in."

Lieutenant Kirk says several hundred dollars in cash was taken as well as a digital recording system worth five hundred dollars. Shunika Tyler used to work at the Arby's and was shocked by the news.

She said "this is a quiet area and like I said it's suprising and you know I never thought they would rob Arby's right here where it's at. It's very suprising."

Cops are not rulling out the possibility that multiple people were involved in the burglary. They are continuing to follow up on leads but have made no arrests and have no suspects.

The Valdosta Police Department said the recording device was taken get rid of any surveillance footage of the burglary. They're currently looking at other surveillance cameras that were in the area.

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