Area Schools Practice Lockdowns

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Gadsden County, FL - The shooting struck fear in the hearts of parents and teachers across the country. But it's also caused some to step up preparations for the unthinkable.

"Code Red this is a Code Red lockdown."
Students and teachers crouched behind their desks. Someone banged at the door.

Monday it was just a drill.
But the 26 candles in front of the Gadsden County schools district office --- serve as a reminder that you never know when it could become reality.

The extra drill was scheduled because of the Sandy Hook elementary shooting.

Now daycare workers are looking closely at their security too.
Rainbow Bright Academy in Quincy isn't normally on lockdown --- but that could change.

Sherika Fields runs the daycare that looks after almost 20 kids.
Some are too young to know what just happened in Newtown.

But Lolita Perry, who works at Rainbow Bright Academy, feels it.

"For those children to lose their lives, undeserving."
"You don't expect anyone to harm children. They're innocent. They didn't do anything to be harmed."

Says Sherika Fields: "You have that teacher child relationship and after a while it becomes like a parent child relationship."

Fields says she'll have to talk to state and local agencies about how to better secure her facility while staying within fire and safety codes.

But she says there are too many bright futures in her care - to not do something more.

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